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Default Re: C++ as first language

VI and GCC?

in my day you got a print out of op-codes and a pen...

(actually that's serious and formed a large part of the A-Level electronics exam. -Q1, here's some op codes make a program that does this. Q2, here's a program, (in hex) tell us what it does). pen paper timed exam...

(there might be someone older than me that says in their day all they had was card stock and a hole punch.)

I do agree with you...

if you are a child, or are absolutely new to programming, they BYOB/scratch is a good start.

if you are reasonably competent at the basics and just want to write programs, then Java is a great choice.

if you need to learn programming, and there is a chance that it might lead to on chip programming, (programmable interface) then you're really looking at C, C++ or Assembler, (this may change as more powerful chips may run embedded Java interpreters, (though someone will still need to be able to code that interpretor!) but with great power comes great responsibility, you;re going to have to work out some things yourself that other program languages just do for you.

if you just want to make a form to display buttons and do something quick and easy, then visual basic.

If you don't need a visual output, but do need a quick and easy way to dump computer information to a text file the VBscript.

as berry alluded to, Vi and GCC is not the best start point. sure it's free, so has a reduced financial barrier to entry.
but you need to learn how to actually use the tools. a proper IDE might cost you some money, but when you're starting out being able to just press a button and have it all just work is good.
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