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Originally Posted by lhamil64 View Post
I learned using a language called Liberty BASIC (which has a free version called Just BASIC) which is meant to be an easy language. I wouldn't recommend it for big projects (you can't even include other source files, so everything has to be in one file) but it's great for learning the basics.
Originally Posted by root View Post
If you've literally no exposure to programming at all. then as a primer I'd suggest that you start by looking at a language like BYOB, it's not going to teach you programming, but it is going to teach you about laying out a program, logical progression, making decisions and loops etc.

if you're already comfortable with these ideas then I'd suggest getting a copy of something like C++ for dummies and going through the book that should give you a comfortable introduction to the language.
Thank you everyone, for the input. I will try to make the best of these resources. As stated, it seems like I'd be banking on the integrity of the class as well as the dexterity of the teacher and his/her tools to make for a viable learning experience. I don't want to risk going in completely in the dark and having no foundation to go off of.

As Root made clear, I would want to more so focus on the logic and concepts behind it before actually putting it to practice.

Originally Posted by berry120 View Post
Of course, all this assumes that it's someone who wants to start learning "seriously" - if it's someone who just wants to learn Mindstorms to drive RCX robots around, then so be it - let them have fun however they choose!
This is definitely something I want to take seriously. I'll probably look into those robots after some time though...
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