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Default Reverse ID Theft???

I'm really confused on what to call this but this has been happening for weeks now.

So here is the situation. Some guy named Alex H****** has been using my cell phone number for online surveys, mortgage companies, diabetic supply companies, and college recruiters. He is also using my phone number as an email address, ex. 732******* so I am also constantly getting text messages to my phone that I cannot unsubscribe because my phone cannot display the HTML coding because it came in as an email to text.

Now I've been slowly collecting information from the people calling me and the emails. I got the guy's first and last name and his home address in Delaware.

So what are my options? I've tried telling each company that calls and emails my phone number to remove me from their list but now I'm getting another surge of spam after a relatively quiet two weeks. I haven't been able to find this guy anywhere online in the usual places. I don't have his home phone number, he has been using mine for everything. I could write the guy a letter but I gotta make sure I don't give him my address. I could show up at his house if I want to spend a few hours driving. Should I be contacting the police? I'm getting harassed constantly by companies trying to contact this guy Alex.

Here are some screenshots so you can see what's going on.
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