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Default Re: RAM Speeds. Specifications Question?

Originally Posted by OhSnapWord View Post

This is what I get for offering insight. If that's how you're going to respond to people, don't expect them to be willing to offer advice.
I think it was more directed at another user here, but only the OP knows. It's not worth getting bent out of shape over however.

both of my parents had computers that are way better than his yet both of them complained about how slow they were. The most intense thing on there computers was the anti-virus. All they did was web browse (one used quickbooks). I don't blame them, I have used them before as well and it's quite bad. When the anti-virus goes off then it goes from bad to completely unusable.

You can buy a PC that is 1000x better than this one for $250 (if you know a little about processors), I see no point on trying to keep alive something that is already dead. Unless you are homeless or living in some random country, $250 isn't hard to get.
And this is where my experience with computers kicks in and says that if you're going to blow "merely" $250 on a computer, you're better off just using that cash to upgrade an older system. $250 won't cut much mustard even today. My low end PCs are $400-$500 but I use name brand parts and I don't skimp out on the power supply.

But if you're comfortable building or buying a $250 PC, you probably like fixing them just as much.

I recently had the "pleasure" of installing Windows 7 on a Pentium D with 2GB of RAM on an older 200GB hard drive. It was definitely acceptable performance in basic Windows tasks, and I threw in an old Radeon HD 3450 so that he could play a few games too.

I think I dropped $80 worth of hardware into it. It's at the end of the line after that, but $80 to help his kids out... totally worth it.
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