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Default Re: RAM Speeds. Specifications Question?

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
Indeed I get irritated by people that say things like that.
For all they know the PC may be used by someone (and is likely by the sounds of it) who doesn't game, doesn't run photoshop or any other intensive applications, is probably still on Windows XP.

And I can 100% confirm that a windows XP machine even with a very low end dual core like a Pentium D and 2GB DDR2 RAM will run absolutely fine for browsing the internet and checking emails and using office applications.
both of my parents had computers that are way better than his yet both of them complained about how slow they were. The most intense thing on there computers was the anti-virus. All they did was web browse (one used quickbooks). I don't blame them, I have used them before as well and it's quite bad. When the anti-virus goes off then it goes from bad to completely unusable.

You can buy a PC that is 1000x better than this one for $250 (if you know a little about processors), I see no point on trying to keep alive something that is already dead. Unless you are homeless or living in some random country, $250 isn't hard to get.
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