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Default Re: RAM Speeds. Specifications Question?

Originally Posted by dominover View Post

I am buying some RAM for someone else's computer. It's a Dell Dimensions 3100.

It currently has only 512 Meg Ram in it but It can take up to 2Gig of Ram.

I have used the Crucial Scanner website to find the right ram for it but I have some questions about RAM speeds.

I am buying 2 x 1GB sticks but want to get the fastest I can. What aspects of the below specifications indicate a faster type of RAM?

Is it 'Unbuffered' or is it the 'CL' number for example.

Or is RAM which is claimed to be 'Low Density' or 'High Density' more important for speed? Basically I'm looking for the fastest RAM for the Dell Dimensions 3100 computer.

Thanks very much. Specs below.

DDR2 PC2-5300
128Meg x 64
Part #: CT908192

CL = 5 is the CAS timing. Generally, the lower this number the better (and "faster" it can be, though with DDR2, you won't notice much these days)

Unbuffered = Not ECC RAM, which is fine for this system

DDR2-667 is average for that system type. You could throw in some DDR2-800 and it would do fine - DDR2-800 is pretty speedy stuff, and if the board can't run it at that speed, it'll clock it down to DDR2-667 which is fine as well.

128 Meg x 4 is the chip density. Not really a concern these days either. Back when a module needed to be either single or double sided (SS vs DS) it was a big deal. I wouldn't read too much into it.

2GB of DDR2 isn't going to be cheap, but it's not outrageous either.

The point about the potato was a thinly veiled reference to what people believe a PC's obsolence point is reached by.

My belief is that as long as the PC is doing what the user needs it to be, it's not obsolete.
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