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Default Re: Best laptop for under 500$?

Originally Posted by Jesusfrk611 View Post
Anything with Intel graphics is not really going to be playing many games. Anything at $500 is not really going to be playing many games either... My brother paid $1000 for his i7 Lenovo laptop and it still doesn't run games great... If you want to play games, get the correct computer system, a desktop. Only reason my brother bought a laptop is because he joined the Air Force and a desktop is just not an option. Compared to his old desktop, the ability for his laptop to play games is pitiful.
Anything new for $500 isn't going to be playing many games. For some reason, last year's high end laptops tend to sell for something like 1/2-1/3 of their original cost used on ebay. I just watched an asus g73 go for like $450 the other day, and that's definitely a pretty decent gamer as far as laptops go.
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