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Default Another post about the project

Right, as you know there is a group of people who have sort of loosly agreed that we're going to make something for this forum.

the last two threads have concentrated on who wants to be involved and the kinds of projects that we'd like to do

A Project
Project thread - Updated

so the decisions/consensus so far is:
we'll be doing a software project.

and that software project will be some blogging software.

I think that there are only four more things to discuss:

What programming language will this be created in?
What license will this software be created under.
(ideally something open source, but perhaps someone who fully understands the various license types could make a suggestion)
What source control software are we going to use?

and finally, what features should be possible?

As a start :
My language of choice would be PHP

features: (this needs to be expanded)
I'd suggest an editor that was able to accept either plain text or HTML, also some may find it easy to write code that's used in forums, with square brackets etc, so why not have the editor recognise that style of formatting too?

A way to generate RSS feeds of the blogs being written on the software.

There have been a few offers for hosting. (which is good) so I think that we need to figure out who is doing the hosting. It might be good if of the people who offered hosting one could actually host, and another mirror to make sure that the hosting wasn't suddenly cut off for any reason

we'll also need to figure out a development environment server platform.

I would suggest that the best idea for this would be to create an installation of linux with the relevant software on it that can be run under either vmware player, (available for free on windows linux and Mac, or a disk image for qemu (available for windows/linux/mac and free open source)

that way we can all develop with the same extensions installed, same configuration files etc.then there should be no issues when one person says that the code doesn't run, or throws errors and it turns out that the person who submitted the code has some weird extension that allows it to work and warning information set not to display.

and I think that Bahawolf is right, lets not spend too long talking about this.
as soon as there is consensus as to what language is going to be used, and where source will be uploaded to, I think that we should start writing code.

Ideally that would happen this week?
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