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Default Re: Is Liquid Cooling A Thing Of The Past

I don't particularly like the idea of having coolant running beside my hardware.

And, really, it's not needed. I got an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro to chill my old i5-2500k and I had it on air. Temps never went above 55 degrees C and it was running at 4.5GHz.

I'm running a Phenom II the now, with an Arctic Cooler A30 that has 320Watts of cooling capacity - this thing is a beast and it's silent. My Phenom, which has a far higher TDP than the i5 is overclocked and over volted and never hits 50 degrees with this thing. Why would I need water to cool it?

It might be cool to have, and if you are putting your gear under extreme conditions then water cooling might be a relatively sensible option, but when you have heatsinks out there that can shift 320Watts of heat and hardly make a noise, I just couldn't justify it.

Too much hassle for me :P
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