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Default Re: Is Liquid Cooling A Thing Of The Past

I think exactly the opposite, honestly. I think air is a thing of the past, liquid should be the norm and phase change cooling is the new hotness. (Like what I did there? lol)

Here's why:

I was going to go air on my 2600K overclock project and try to hit over 5ghz on air. The cooler I was looking at was ~80 bucks. My buddy built a BEAST of a machine and got a Corsair H60 liquid cooler for 60 bucks and it worked GREAT for him.

I just had to do the same. With liquid cooling being so cheap and working so well, it was an easy decision. I hit 5.1GHz in the end and temp was never even close to a problem. It's kinda just a must as far as I'm concerned. I got my H60 at friggin Best Buy for 60 bucks plus tax. can get the big, dual fan Corsair awesomeness off Best Buy for $120 right now. I mean...damn...that's about as mainstream as you get.

As far as I'm concerned, if you're just going to keep stock freqs, sure...keep the stock fan setup. If you're overclocking, liquid is a no brainer. If you're going extreme, the new "liquid cooling" is phase change cooling.
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