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Default Re: The "Non-Political" Political Thread

Originally Posted by muz View Post
...I can only assume you have misinterpreted what I meant which is something that can happen...
Ok then, let's just assume that it was a misunderstanding and go from there.

We were supposed to be discussing Syria. That was your question. Next thing I know you're all over the map. Your bringing in America's treatment of Native Americans, our Civil War, etc. Those issues, have nothing what-so-ever to do with the issue you wished to discuss which is Syria. One topic at a time ok?

I make no apologies for my opinions as regards Syria. You use words like prejudice, which has no bearing at all on my comments. It's not prejudice, it's simple fact. The Arab cultures have been warring with one another for thousands of years, that's their history.

Now we introduce these jihadist religious lunatics that want to kill everyone that doesn't agree with them. So of course, I think it's a very natural reaction for me to say let them kill themselves. I don't want to spill one drop of American blood that isn't absolutely necessary.
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