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Default Re: The "Non-Political" Political Thread

Originally Posted by root View Post

Hate to breakup the party but here are the facts of the particular situation:

British coal was dead.
British coal faces were all but used up
German coal was cheaper. (German coal was cheaper because it was more accessible and more plentiful)
in order to keep X million miners in work at Y amount of pay when shifting only Z amount of coal produced far less than X*Y then government had to subsidise the miners.
When it came to the point that it cost more to subsidise people to work (i.e. give additions to make up their wages) than it would to subsidise them not to work (i.e give them dole money) then they pulled the plug on the government assisted employment.

They way in which the cuts were made was mean, spiteful and vindictive. but still had to be done.
Oh I am well aware of the facts of that particular situation however I am saying the motivation of the miners who where actually striking was that they did not want to be out of work

I was not commenting on the actual decision to close the mines itself which you correctly asserted was based on sound financial reasoning I was merely using it to demonstrate that not everyone who was an opponent of thatcher was intent on just taking handouts the miners at the pickets themselves where more concerned about being out of work and the damage that would be done to the communities that used to rely on mining . Of course the miners where not thinking about the bigger financial picture however would you be if you where facing your livelihood being taken from you and you simply consigned to the scrapheap of unemployment that was growing during thatchers years in power ? Don't forget in this day and age there is massively increased access to adult education etc but in the 70's and 80's the education system was constructed so that if you where a miner you would always be a miner . If I where in that situation I would be fearful about my future employment prospects as well forgetting the rest of the big financial picture

Unless you're in the top 10% of earners, you will always take handouts from the state. or at least you'll always take more than you give back.
I.e 90% of people pay (collectively) less than 50% of tax.

BBC News - What do the rich give back to society?

face it, the education (before uni), infrastructure, municipal services, dentistry (even if that was just checkups), healthcare, - even your birth. you're already hugely indebted to our socialist system and statistically highly unlikely to even pay back that burden.

Of course the same is true in America, your state provided education, which is free at the point of access will in-debt you more to your country than yo
Perhaps I aspire to be one of the top 10% of earners .

however joking aside I am aware that I will always take more from the state in the way of healthcare and education despite having to pay for part of my degree .However I agree that this is the way things should be

putting that aside When I say handouts I meant that I hope never to have to take unemployment benefit from the state as an alternative to working to earn my own money to pay for day to day things in life .
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