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Default Re: Ok tech explorer try this on for size

Originally Posted by setishock View Post
1> Define "normal" as it applies to humans.
2> Define infinity.
3> Why is a random number generator not really random?
4> Where did the componets of the big bang come from?
5> If we do find life on other worlds such as Mars, how will it affect humanity as a whole?
1) It means to be free from mental disease
2) If you're talking about George Cantor, it's where you can take a subset of the the entire set of the numbers and put it into one-to-one correspondence of the entire set.
3) Undetermined
4) From a (very) tiny point
5) When I see it on tv I'll let you know. For now I don't give a rat's ass and I don't think the majority does either.

Any more Wiki questions?
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