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Default Re: VPN and Flash Drive

Originally Posted by johhny-marshal View Post
Search for the Portable Firefox that is optimized for flash drive.
Click on the download link and save the file.
You can directly save it to your flash drive.
14 MB space is required for its storage.
Now check the availability of space in your flash drive and remove the unnecessary files.
Unzip the downloaded file. Open the folder and then “Portable Firefox.exe” file. Read all instruction and follow them.
Click “OK”. Now select “Finish” your Firefox is installed in flash drive.
Do not know the exact location where all cookies store. You can disable the cookies by changing settings then they will not store in your hard drive.
Well I'm working in an office full of computer guys; while I'm there, I have to connect to their private wi-fi system to perform my duties. We work together on projects and share information via gmail, google doc's and sending data back and forth. I want to be able to log into their wi-fi still, but somehow remain anonymous on their network and keep my computer's info private from everyone. It's not just at work, but I want to have that capability even if I connect to a public wi-fi at a restaurant, I need it to be encrypted, hidden, and safe so none of my account information or computer is hacked. Would a VPN or Exclusive Proxy work best in this case? Since I am still logging into my e-mail accounts, sharing information back and forth and I don't want someone sitting on the other end of the Proxy or VPN watching what I'm doing and end up stealing my account information from me?

Also, every time I plug in the flash drive to use FireFox Portable, I will connect to the VPN or Proxy. Then when I am done, disconnect from the VPN or Proxy and eject the Flash drive and I am good? That's all I need to do?
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