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Thread: Network Adapter
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Default Re: Network Adapter

Originally Posted by joedaman633 View Post
A function key is only a link to an action on the PC.

Maybe there's an alternative wireless utility for it or something :\
I could try calling the school and see what drivers they had but then they would either ask me to send it back or that'd give away that I've installed a new OS. My friend made this thing that crashes the computer and deletes System32, but even then there's a chance they'll still know I did it. And my parents can't afford for them to know I did, these laptops cost like $1,000. Which I don't understand because the fan doesn't even work right, the vent on the side of the computer is falling apart and is cracked, and it's starting the happen on the other side. The screen can barely stay in place. I've only had the laptop for about a year. There's also two keys missing, but that's my fault :P.
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