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Default Re: Question about anti-virus software

Originally Posted by threadmark View Post
anti-virus is used when the user doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of computer programs and features. Speaking as an IT Manager...
I would think that an IT manager would use all the tools at his disposal, including local AV software.

Sure, firewalls can prevent external access to the machines, and some will even block malware calls out, but a firewall can't stop stupid user A from uploading malware to his local machine via USB drive. I don't see where even the most thorough of packet state inspection will prevent a worm from spreading itself to other machines on the local network, either.

Congratulations on the new job. This attitude you are displaying does not put you in a good light, though and it does not reflect well on this website which, let's be frank, is geared toward the novice computer user.

People can't learn firewalls overnight. A poorly implemented and managed firewall is just as bad as a default AV package coming with a new computer-- it gives the user a false sense of security and allows the bad guys to have their run of the system.
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