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Default Help with Upgrading Computer


I would like to upgrade my current system, and I'm stuck on which Motherboard I should purchase, here is my current system:

Q9550 Quad-Core proccessor
GTX 460
750W PSU

I was planning to go for the ASUS-P8Z68-V LX, i5-2500k and atleast 16GB RAM DDR3 (32GB in the future so the motherboard needs a max memory of 32GB)

The main reason why I would like to upgrade my system is because of the RAM. I noticed that 4GB for Windows 7 64bit is not enough as I need it for video editing, gaming, etc. and since DDR3 is much cheaper than DDR2, it is time for me to switch to DDR3.

So I would like to ask whether you could recommend a different motherboard than the ASUS-P8Z68-V LX. Not only the motherboard but if you think I should go for a different processor, please let me know all detail.
I am not planning to overclock anything, even if it is easy and safe so please don't tell me to use "this" and overclock it to "this".

Thank you in advance
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