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Default Re: Question about anti-virus software

I’ve been working IT for a long time now and the best way to protect a computer is common sense and a good firewall. PCTOOLS firewall plus will do it for you. With it you can stop damage or undesired operation by governing how programs access your system, kernel, and other apps. In this program it’s called ESP and is very powerful in windows. If you install a new application or just execute a program it will monitor what resources are being accessed and prevent access until a user allows it. I have used infected programs without any problems because it won’t give access to files that can do damage.
Antivirus from my experience causes more problems than preventing them.
I had a mate come to me one day telling me he couldn’t get on the internet because of an infected system file, ping.exe was the target. Because his antivirus just puts it in a “vault” the exe becomes useless. If he had a firewall that wasn’t windows basic firewall this would have been prevented. With a msg that stated. Program XXX wants to modify a system application “ping.exe” do you trust this application..YES or NO.. common sense would tell you no. but antivirus won’t do that for you in most cases. Once you trust an application if it’s smart enough it can do what it wants when it wants because antivirus looks for known attacks or code that causes problems. Firewalls just keep your systems integrity by permitting access to files on a need to basis.
Antivirus in my opinion is just as bad as a virus.
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