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Default Re: All-in-one computer, touch monitor or other for my specific needs...

Thank you Dixie

I toyed with the idea of a tablet but my latest experience with a Nextbook tab left me a little unimpressed. Painfully slow. Android. That still leaves me with the Playing DVD's and having my satelite on it question. Dealing with the watching movies. If I downloaded them to another computer in the house, and put them in a sharing folder, could I then access them from a tab? would a touchscreen monitor do what I am looking for? What features would I have to make sure it had? Would I have to hook it up to a tower anyway? Does anyone have any suggestions that I may not have thought of? Isn't this kind of thing done? I am certainly not the first person to think of this, and if I am, I am claiming it as intellectual property as of this minute!!
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