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Default Re: Gaming Rig Build

yeah agree with og, triple dimm wont work lol, anyways maybe the power supply isnt over kill, might want to do sli later on and still have some breathing space to overclock everything.

all in all seems like a good build, most problem with people building computers is they go for the best of the best. and sometimes it isnt really want you need and you will just be spending extra money that could go somewhere else,
if your going to just be playing games on it and doing the usual stuff on it then theres really no need for the i7 2600K, also if your not going to overclock it then dont bother with the K series. if you are going to be overclocking stuff like that just get te i5 2500K, its cheaper and better bang for your buck, i have a i5 2500K, i do photography, so that means photoshop running all day everyday and a lot of raw image editing and it takes a lot of processing and my i5 even on stock clocks can handle is very well. also with the graphics card your best bet is to get the msi gtx580 lighting edition but the 3GB version, which isnt at pccasegear yet and if you dont want to wait for it just get the gigabtye gtx580 ulra durable, and just find some dual dimm ram and your all ready to order your parts

P.S id love to get my hands on msi gtx580 lighting edition haha in sli
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