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Default Re: This is my 2nd 8800 GTS to burn up! Please help me decide on another video card.

Thank you both for the reply.

Detox, could you maybe explain what I am looking for on these cards? A friend gave me this link of these two cards side by side but I don't know what I am looking at. How good are they compared to the ones you mentioned? Video Card Comparison -

Fisher, I guess I will go ahead and try it. I can only use the [BFG Tech] one because it is the only one I have left lol. The XFX one made me so mad that it did this even after I just bought it, I destroyed it on my garage floor lol. But the XFX one was like fried. It didn't even boot up or anything after it's crash. The [BFG Tech] one if I can remember would still display picture, but it was so bad it was unusable. I will begin this right now.

I would imagine 385F is too hot but I guess we will see what happens...
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