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Default Re: Trouble booting PC

I feel an urgent need to help you identify a possible issue here - if your system is hanging on boot, clearing the BIOS/CMOS is only a temporary bandaid fix. If I were you, I would run two tests on the system to be absolutely certain there's no underlying issue. Why?

Hard Drive and RAM failures can cause this exact type of BIOS hang up, and when you clear the BIOS/CMOS you just clear out the trouble indicators until the next time the BIOS picks them up. That can be many days, weeks or months, or you can see it happen again in a few hours.

The best thing to do is to either grab a copy of Hirens Boot CD or the Boot CD that's hosted here on CF, and run the memory test (MemTest) and the hard drive tests (choose gwscan for maximum compatibility, I know this one is on Hirens, not sure if it's on our CF disk)

Then if both of those come back OK, you'll know that this isn't likely to rear its head later on and cause you more issues.
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