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Thread: Ryan Dunn.
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Default Re: Ryan Dunn.

Originally Posted by iPwn View Post
I just don't see a positive side to it personally, maybe it stems from a life-long desire to join the fuzz, but perhaps it's just because i've seen it destroy the lives of many people, including close family members. Trying to explain my dislike of such substances is like trying to do triple-bypass surgery wearing boxing gloves. I just don't see the attraction; it's expensive, unnecessary, legal imports pay off the government, illegal imports pay off criminals, causes fights, domestic violence, unfaithfulness, and so on.

Less Philosophical in that sense, more observational - I suppose i'm sort of 'religious' without being 'religious' - i just think the ideology/lifestyle is good. I guess, almost every religious group is opposed to substance abuse (and technically speaking, ingestion of ethanol is substance abuse) and there's usually a good reason behind it. A person should always be in complete control of themself, and one cannot hide from the responsibilities of tomorrow by evading them today.
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