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Default Re: Notebook troubles

Originally Posted by BrokenAtari View Post
When installing Ubuntu you will be presented with the option of resizing the disk and ultimately have both on your system. However, when installing windows 7 on a unformated drive it will often create two partition a 100MB partition for important windows files and one for your system. That could be causing your problem. Also, it was quite silly of you to install a OS on battery.
Yes, silly, I know.

My problem, then, must be that Windows did not create the partitions it usually does. The Hard Drive was formatted when I reinstalled Windows, but apparently the reinstallation was what wiped it. When I proceeded to install Ubuntu the second time after I reinstalled Windows and downloaded my drivers, Wubi indicated that my entire HD was unallocated space. As such, it only gave me the option of deleting Windows OS and installing Ubuntu as the only OS, partitioning the entire drive to Ubuntu, or manually specifying partitions (which, in my case, means reformatting the drive and thus deleting everything off of it). There was no option to run Ubuntu alongside Windows with Ubuntu in its own partition like there usually is.
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