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Default Notebook troubles

I am sure that you get these type of threads a dime a dozen, so I will try to make it quick.

I purchased a notebook a few months ago running Windows 7. I decided I wanted to try Ubuntu so I used a disk loaded with 10.04 that I made a while back (Ubuntu is pretty sweet, by the way). Anyway, I had a reasonable idea about what I was doing, but mid-installation I had a problem. My notebook ran out of power and shut down. Obviously, the installation was not done, so the OS was not installed, but the partition had already been resized according to my specifications (about 50 GB), so I had a new partition without an OS (it had also automatically created a swap partition, which I am not sure what that means). I suspect that this is when I should have first requested external assistance. :P

Anyway, I reopened the trial version and went into GParted and deleted the Ubuntu partition and swap partitions, making it unallocated. The crux of my problem is this: I also inadvertently deleted the Windows 7 Loader partition. Upon realizing this, my first priority, then, was obviously getting 7 running again. I tried many different options that I came across, but ultimately, I had to do a clean install of Windows 7 from an installation disk I had.

After that, I reinstalled many of my drivers (I had to download the drivers for the wireless card on another computer that had internet, and then I downloaded many of the rest through Windows Update). So, thinking I had everything properly working, I decided to reinstall Ubuntu in order to have both 7 and Ubuntu.

And then here is my current problem... the Windows 7 reinstallation seems to have wiped my partition table. I no longer have any partitions, just all of my files on the main HD. I am, by no means, an expert at computer-related problems, but this strikes me as rather bizarre.

So, really, my only question is, what options do I have? I could write a new partition table, but apparently that would delete the entire C drive and then I would have no clue what to do after that regardless.

I would like to forgo ordering a System Recovery CD as long as possible (it costs $20 from Gateway), but if that is what is necessary, that is what I will do.

One more thing I wanted to know, would rewriting a new partition table and reformatting C drive delete things like the BIOS and other items not included in the windows installation? I can reinstall Windows as many times as I need to but if that stuff goes, I'm screwed.

Oh yes, my system is an all stock Gateway NV55C Notebook, if that is relevant information. Also, the Windows CD I have only installs 32-bit Windows whereas my system shipped 64-bit. So I am currently running 32-bit Windows 7.

Um, any ideas?
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