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Default Trouble with clean install of windows xp

So in an effort to install a clean version of XP or my parents I have run into a few problems. They did not have their windows install disc so i put the contents of one on a external drive and began to install it on their computer. Apparently the copy of windows I obtained had either corrupted or missing files. If left alone they computer will try to continue with the install stops when it reports that Presetup.cmd file not found, setuporg.exe not found. The only option is to reboot. I then tried to go back to the previous version in the boot menu. The old version loads fine, yet when the windows begins to start up the screen goes black. I can hear the windows start chime and other noises, but nothing comes onscreen. I then tried to make a boot disc and change the priority in BIOS. Still no luck. My computer knowledge is rudimentary at best, but am usually able to work things out as long as I can play around with it for a while, but I have tried everything from safe mode to windows recovery and I have had no progress yet. Please help.
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