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Thread: My Card is Lost
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Default My Card is Lost

Hello, first post here.

No matter how hard I look I cannot find a graphics card that I think is perfect. I mean I cant find ones that work, but I cant find one that I would think is perfect. I am not an electrical engineer or anything, but there are times when I wish I could mess with things.

I have a slight fetish for the idea of making electronics more environmental, while at the same time trying to make that cool. I have always tried to familiarize myself with what manufacturers do stuff, and what companies support being environmentally sound. This has lead to to like Asus for example, but I really wonder where things like the AMD E350 is gonna go.

Back to graphics cards. I wish the Nvidia 210 could be drilled down to some microscopic 32nm process or something. Yet all the cores were made to hold vast registers. On top of this it would be great if all the GPU cores could be overclocked, and just made standard that way. If you could have just that on a modern 210, with a GB of memory. I just think it would be a great home theater type card. I would also like to think it could be sold on that whole green platform and do all the crossfire support or what not. I just think that card would not cost to much either overall, but its just fantasy.

Anyways, does anyone know what the best type of graphics card is for just home theater stuff that comes in a "green" package?
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