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Default MyWinLocker Decryption Help.

MyWinLocker came installed on my Acer 5332 Windows 7 Home Basic. I tried to encrypt one of my files but was in a rush and clicked the wrong one. went away from my computer for a while but when I came back, (don't ask me how it did this) I had encrypted every file on my computer... All my program files, CS files (hundreds of thousands) and everything else that comes with a Windoes 7 computer... So now the damn thing asks me for my password every time I want to access a file. My once 2Gbs of RAM is probably only using about a quarter of that amount. I don't want to sift through every one of my thousands of files and right-click each one and decrypt them. I was wondering if there was an easier way. Also when I try to decrypt more than one file, it just says "Searching and encrypting files" and freezes...
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