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Default Re: How does RAID 6 work?

For info, this is a bit of a split carrying on from this thread:

I personally disagree with your view that you need to understand something fully to use it. You can read the time without understanding the electronics inside a clock, you can use a computer without understanding quantum mechanics. As long as you know the performance characteristics of RAID 6, and you know that it can reliably withstand any two drives failing, that's really all you need to know.

I understand the ideas and to some extent at least, the maths behind how they work. But trying to explain this to someone who describes himself as the following:
As you may understand, I have absolutely no computer knowledge at all
(taken from the other thread) is not going to be a walk in the park!

However, if you really want to understand fair play. You say you've read around the Wikipedia article and others and still don't understand how it works. What don't you understand? It'd help to know exactly what, since otherwise we'll probably be barking up the wrong tree with another explanation you don't understand.
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