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Default Re: How to install a GPU on a motherboard that already has onboard?

well i can rule out the PSU, since ive tried a couple other ones since (a Corsair one from a friend's old PC and a GX650 coolermaster i bought reently) and i doubt all of them would be faulty, since the system worked fine on my TRUST thing for a while (half a year thereabouts). I actually installed the GX650 and the gpu together, in hindsight i should have installed them seperately, but i was in a rush to get done before dinner because i knew id just keep putting it off if i didnt get it done then and there. As it stands my system is set up as it was before the psu or gpu were put into it, so something has happened that is sticking around.

holy shit

while i was typing this, i turned it on an it works >.<

must have been the three-day leaving the case totally empty.
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