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Default I got an idea but need a little help!

I got this idea but i dont know where to go for answers so i came to you guys. i get right to it..

i wanna be able run autotune on playstation

my idea sounds simple. i think

how i wanna and think it should be done is have a mic, right. then run that to input on pc and then have an output to my Tritton mic jack(headphones)

the problem is i have no clue about audio/ mixing/ plugins for this. i am just beginning to understand it...

i got KRISTAL. and got Autotune vst . i messing around on Kristal and found things about Autotune? how close am I or will this even work.

basically i wanna use my pc for effects on signal going from the mic and to the headphones.

thnaks for any help
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