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Thread: Gallery: Cases
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Default Re: Gallery: Cases

thats the exact same case i have, not the same front panel, but the same case!


Did some cable managment in my case

they look almost identical.

Took off the far side and re routed the cables back behind the hdd bay. the only ones visible are the mobo and cpu.

took the 3 stray white cables(bottom) and took off the front pannel, and re routed them back through the second.

found a fan mount for an 80mm, i only have 1 rubber thingamajig, but its pretty tight against the hdd bay, so i didn't worry. There is really no hole there ,so its point is maybe to keep the air from getting too still?

empty floppy bay doubles as keeping my seagate's cables out of the way.

All nice and clean, and not so tiny feeling.
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