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Thread: XP & Memory
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Default Re: XP & Memory

What a nightmare. After calling 3 different times to get pricing on the memory b/c I kept getting different answers & pricing, I went finally made it in today thinking all my research was done & everything would go smoothly, but it didn't.

Turns out the PNY memory was NOT for desktops, it must have been for laptops b/c they was nothing there when I went in & the guy yesterday told me there were several.

AND the Geek Sh*t guy brought me Kingston memory which was never mentioned to me at all which is why I never mentioned it in this thread.

So I had a choice between Lexar & Kingston & I didn't know which was better, so I just went w/ the Kingston b/c it it was slightly cheaper & of course I know the name.

When I asked what the speed was, they told me they didn't know. How can a package not tell you what the speed is? You have to open it just to see the speed? That's ridiculous.

So my question now is this.

I can't remember who I was talking to last week, but he was telling me that it was impossible that my DDR2 RAM was 333, so we thought the software (speccy) wasn't reading my computer right.

What the Geek squad guy said was that the speed that's on the package doesn't matter b/c it depends on the processor speed, so when I got home & ran speccy again, it only raised it to 400 or something like that even though the memory is 1,000 something (the receipt told me).

So I'm beginning to believe the Geek guy even though he was a blank giving me attitude.

They even had the nerve to tell me I should have called them for pricing, not the bloody guys who work in THAT dept. I can't believe how inept Best Buy is. I can't trust anything they say or do over there.

I'm disappointed that whoever was talking to me about the DDR & telling me 333 couldn't be right didn't figure out what was going on. I hate it when people think they know what they are talking about & don't, & then miseducate me.

So my question is, was the Geek guy correct? It doesn't matter what the speed of the memory is, what Speccy is giving me is the speed my computer is calculating the memory at?


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