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Thread: XP & Memory
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Default Re: XP & Memory

So now that I know I can get more memory, they have 4 GB (Lexmar) on sale for $99. One guy told me it's average in quality, the last guy told me it's pretty good.
I'm not sure about Lexmar but 4GB what ever RAM it is will be fine.

Then they have PNY 523 MB that's over $120 (I think, I forgot to write it down). I'd prefer to go w/ Lexmar for obvious reasons & I still have to pay them to install it, but what are your opinions?
Is this RAM? 523(?)MB is far too small.

Ok, here is where my ignorance shows as I'm more a software than hardware person. The CPU is the MB or part of it?

But if I replace that, don't the other components have to be compatible which means I'd have to replace a lot more?
The CPU is another part of the computer. I was just throwing an idea out there though and to be fair the CPU your running, Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, is fine if your just doing basic work on the machine.

See how much they charge to put the RAM in for you. If it's too much let us know and we can help you do it. It takes 2 minutes.
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