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Default Re: Help! Computer shuts off in the middle of game

Originally Posted by Swiney52 View Post
ok I monitored the video card and it was at 46 degrees C just before it shut down. Not to sound like an idiot but where do you check the error log in Windows 7, this is my first time using it so i'm still trying to find my way around
If you go into the control pannel, then administrative tools you should see the event viewer.

If you could also humor me and make sure the system is not set to just restart in case of a crash? sometimes 7 defaults to auto-restart so you can't see a blue-screen. To check, open the start menu, then right click on "computer" and click on properties. On the screen that pops up (it shows your CPU, total RAM etc) click on the "advanced system settings" on the left. A new screen will pop up. click on the "settings" button in the "startup and recovery" section. On the new screen that pops up make sure "Automatically restart" is not checked. Press OK to close all windows.

Also, I'd make sure you have the latest drivers for your system installed. If you used the ones off of the CDs, odds are they are already horribly out of date.
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