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Default Re: Random Chit Chat

Originally Posted by sniperviper21 View Post
Hard AI is like. Legendary difficulty lol.

try it on one of the Fastest Possible Maps off
Going from Medium to Hard difficulty is quite the jump in skill level. From my experience, the only way to beat Hard AI is to turtle at first. They rush quick and if you're not used to producing units right out of the gate, you'll get whomped on quick.
I'm rated Platinum on Bnet but still have some trouble in some Hard AI matchups.

No offense Sniper, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT play Fastest Maps. These will only hurt your skill level as you're not learning to effectively manage and build economy. The AI isn't programmed to adapt to the modified economy structure so you're realistically playing Hard AI, but reducing their skill level to medium as the AI doesn't know to adjust. Play Hard AI on maps like Lost Temple. Which race are you playing?

For Terran and Protoss, you need to block off the choke/ramp first, and get some defense.
With Protoss, throwing up a Pylon/Gateway to block the choke and then making a cannon behind to deter early game pressure is key for hard/insane matchups. Always send a scout to see the build order of your enemy to see what tech they might be getting. Scout their base until they have a ranged unit to kill your probe/scv/drone. Otherwise, you can micro your scout around their ground forces to continue getting that vital scouting info.
With Terran, the standard dual Supply depot/Rax wall off is good. You don't want a bunk in front as the buildings have more HP and provide a stronger wall off. Plus, you can drop the supply depots for access in and out of your base.
With Zerg... derp, I have no idea! I don't play Zerg and and know that you can't wall off in the beginning of the matchup so a few sunks are good but make sure you're producing lings! Never forget early game units.

With any SC2 strat, the most important thing to remember is your Micro ability. Economy is key!! Never stop producing probes/scv's/drones. You should get in the habit of hotkey'ing your Nexus/Command Center/Hatchery so you can quickly access it to produce more workers. Once your main economy is saturated (3 workers per mineral field and 3 per gas guyser) it's time to expand into your natural.

Playing comps is much different than playing PvP so it really depends on what skill level you're trying to achieve. If you want to be good at PvP, don't play comps, just jump in and play PvP. There's also a difference in strategy when you go from 1v1 to team play so keep that in mind as well.
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