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Default Re: How to power pump on and off.

Only thing active after the system shuts down is the 3 and 5 volt standby. The green wire like Cabbs talks about is the start up command for the rest of the power supply. The gray wire tells the mother board the psu is up and running.
Now as I interpet your comment about not having to shut off the psu can be read in a couple of ways.
1 You want to leave the psu running to power some items even though the system is shut down. It's all or just the 3 and 5 volt standby. If the rest is on so is the computer.
2 Your pump connection is still live after system shut down. If that's the case then the HD's, and other 12 volt items will be powered up. I'd rma that sucker. It's a flake.
If you simply want to do testing on or leave items running like lights, a seperate psu would be the answer. You can find ones that fit in a 5 1/4 bay for very reasonable costs.
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