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Default Re: Random Chit Chat

yeah metal is a touchy subject with parents. For the longest time my Mother thought I was going down the road of total abandon because I listened to Metallica and Pantera back in the early 90's as a early teen. You just gotta do you're thing man prove them that listening to the (\m/) horned music doesn't make the spawn of satan.

Cause lets face it, Nickleback just doesn't have anything that resembles a good guitar riff.

And with that fan thing is that why the cpu coolers that carry air across the board and through the machine are more and more popular right now cause it continues air moving through the case? As opposed to the Heatsinks that pull air off the cpu and shoot it at the side of the case. Also if I'm not in the budget of getting a fan controller is it possible to create the negative air pressure using different speed fans?
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