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Thread: Sc2
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Default Re: Sc2

Back on track, I preordered the CE version, and finally picked it up last night. The damn box is heavy.

But the goodies were worth it. I'm still listening to the soundtrack - I ripped the Soundtrack CD and encoded two versions, one FLAC for archives, and another mp3 for my WinAmp remote for use at work. I'm on play through #3 or something already.

This game is already epic-status, and the game stands well on its own, so if you didn't get a CE box, don't fret it, but I've been playing since the first one was a demo/beta, so it's more or less a minor geek religion to me seeing as how the first one still gets play time at my LAN parties (some of us have dual boot XP/7 machines just so we can play it, seeing as how 7 gives SC1 kittens)
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