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Cool o/ or for you non Eve players, hallo!

I've been looking for a new forum to hang out on that encompassed technology for a little while now - getting tired of the straight up B.S. on a former favorite hangout of mine which never seemed to garner anything but spite and distrust for anyone who had a differing opinion - I know that generalizes a lot of web forums out there, but having been a member of that site for a while and watching the downward spiral, it was kind of disheartening.

I was also a moderator on a teen based web forum, but seeing as how I'm over 10 years past my teen years, I figured it was time to abandon ship before someone in conversations elsewhere asked me what I was still doing posting on that site.

I don't see many greeting threads in here, so I hope I'm not totally out of place by doing this "formally" but I thought it might help you mods rest a little easier if you saw someone who took his 1st post seriously on the forum after just joining.

I'm pretty easy going, have my own opinions but never let them get in the way of a good recommendation (my nickname is short for opterongeek, so you can see right away where my loyalties lie in general) but I believe in equal access to technology - no user, regardless of experience level should be spoken-down to just because their level of expertise is lower than someone else.
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