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Default Re: Random Chit Chat

Originally Posted by Teny View Post
I can't seem to submit my scores on 3DMark06, I think the site currently has some problems, but here are the other 2 benches.
Originally Posted by Grantofhell View Post
Well, Teny. Those numbers are impressive.

Why did you run 1280x1024 in FurMark? I wasn't able to run that resolution because 16:10 won't support it.These were all done at SC clocks on the 470 and 3.8GHz on the Q9550.
Originally Posted by Teny View Post
Finally got a chance to do the test. Sorry it took so long, I was busy watching Fifa.

I think I could OC the card even higher. The ATI overdrive doesn't go that high. I used the auto-tune, and as you can see, it's only 10MHz from the highest on the ATI overdrive. I'm not sure when I will try to OC even higher though with another program to OC.
Shouldn't you guys be posting these in the Benchmark Results thread?
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