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Default Re: Random Chit Chat

Originally Posted by Remeniz View Post
Can't be as hard as the 'old(!)' PCG-FR315B i'm using right now?
Not sure. This is the smallest notebook that I own, and I've had it for about five years. It's still perfect for my needs and I can't seem to find anything to replace it. Runs insanely hot though.

Originally Posted by foothead View Post
There is nothing that can compare with servicing an iBook G4. Apple clearly intended to make it impossible to work on, so only their authorized repair people would feel safe enough to touch it.
Never owned an iBook, nor would I buy one. The Sony that I have not only has a smaller footprint, it also feels more durable.

Originally Posted by Neodude112320 View Post
Well think of it like this,you'll only be changing the hardrive once (Hopefully).
Could risk damaging the whole thing. I just might take it in for service instead and have someone else do it.
Stop the genocide now.

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