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Thread: Robbed
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Default Re: Robbed

Originally Posted by AmericanSensei View Post
I'm sorry to hear that my friend, The best I can do for ya is include your family in my prayers tonight in that your things are recovered.. I've had things stolen and believe me, It's an enraging feeling, Especially those irreplaceable items. I know a lot of companies are going to Lo Jack type systems to track their fleet of vehicles, Especially ones that are leased or rented out to the general public for recovery. Of course I'm sure the LLE is doing their best to recover the truck and your things...
Yeah... Unfortunately, both our Refrigerator and Washing machine were in that truck, and we kinda needed to use them asap so we had to buy new ones. I have a hard time understanding what makes people in their right mind choose to steel from others... just pitiful...
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