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Thread: Robbed
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Angry Robbed

About 2 days ago, we FINALLY moved into a new home and planned on upgrading our once crappy internet connection. It was a stressful experiance, and we had all our belongings placed in two trucks: One for the upper and one for the lower floor. My parents agreed that the carpet looked ugly, so they had the entire upper level of this new home replaced with hard wood flooring. Because of this, we couldn't have anything on the upper floor, so the second truck went into storage until the flooring was complete, or atleast it was supposed to. So, we had all our expencive and rare furniture placed in the second truck which will be going on the upper level. The lower level will be having the stuff that will arive on the first day. So, as the lifters would move the furniture to the lower level, there came a time where they would need to move a HUGE large wide-screen TV. This was an older model seeing as it's not a flat-screen, but rather a full-fledged box. As they carried it, they dropped this massive object on the metal railing of the off-ramp on the truck. A small external piece fell off, and now it won't turn on. The company then goes on for accidental related repairs... about 60 cents per pound... only the TV came close to about $4000 more or less. Also a detail that should be stated: When the workers were moving our stuff into the trucks, my dad bought Burgerking burgers for all of them and allowed them to have lunch with us.

So, I was talking with my mom about how cool it would be if I could play World of Warcraft without getting disconnected all the time. Then my dad walks in, looking troubled. He sits down on the floor and repeats "You will not believe this... you will not believe this..." He then goes on to tell us that our second truck, filled with tens of thousands of dollars worth of furniture, everything in the second truck, the second truck itself was "stolen". The workers suggested that there were cameras to monitor the trucks, though the second truck must have been unseen because the cameras were "at some kind of angle". Whatever. I seriously think that this whole thing was the result of the workers themselves. The furniture was wraped up, making the inside items impossible to see. There were about 6 trucks in storage, two were ours, and among the lot, our truck- which had the most expensive material, was stolen. So, my mom was left in tears because that second truck also contained possessions such as expensive purses that were collected throughout different parts of the world. So my dad called the police a few times, we now have some people investigating the issue, and we are just about ready to sue the s*** out of that damn company.
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