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Thread: Electricity
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Default Re: Electricity

The great thing about electronics is that the parts don't generally cost much at all these days. Bit of breadboard, soldering stuff, resistors, LEDs, transistors and the like can be picked up very cheaply.

I learnt most of what I know by just looking up random circuits online, then trying to figure out how they worked, asking questions if I needed. It's a relatively quick way to learn, at least I found so. Then again, I was coming from a relatively strong background since I'd got a good grasp of the fundamental components and what they did, as well as having spent many evenings tinkering around with various logic gates!

As a bit of a side, understanding things thoroughly on a low level can often help in various places higher up as well (not just in electrics but generally within computing.) You'll learn a new side of solving problems, and especially if you fancy hacking out things in ASM or C, this will prove very useful.
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