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Thread: Electricity
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Default Electricity

In physics class I never really paid full attention to electricity (there are many reasons for this, and I won't bother you with them). Going into an engineering field, I feel like I need to have better knowledge of this, so what I'm going to do is the following:

Everyday, I'll read a few articles about a certain topic regarding electricity. I'll post here what I've read so I can keep myself motivated, and maybe get some members to join in too. After a week, I'll catalog how many articles I've read and on what topics. I'll also order a kit of electronic components so I can start playing around a bit. I'll post my created circuits here.

I'm sorry that you guys are going to have to deal with this, but I need to keep myself motivated and CF seems like a really good place. I'm starting tonight with a few articles.

Wikipedia Articles:

1a. Electric Charge

Article (1a) is leading me into a more physical approach than what I was looking for. I will restart with article (2a).

2a. Microcontroller
3a. Electrical Circuit/Network
3b. Resistors -- Current read

Footnotes: Please feel free to share any good texts or ideas on how best to learn some of this stuff. It's a lot of take in, but I have all of summer to make some good progress.

Also, @mods: I realized now that this belongs under general electrical. If one of you could please move it there I'd appreciate. Sorry for the trouble, thanks. And yes, I'm okay with being handed an infraction for this.
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