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Default Re: video card for Toshiba satellite

telling you vga laptop connection to a tv you will get 1220. I know the full potential is 2048 but in reality it never happens. all get your laptop and plug in your vga and connect it to your lcd just for a laugh and you'll see.
I might of missed something but we were not on about media centres, thats a whole different thing. Thread creator wants to get a good picture from his laptop through his vga. the fact is he wont because its not designed to give quality. and if he wants to spend money it can be done. however, a cheaper and easier alternative is to buy a 25 dvd player with a hdmi and a usb and use his pen drive. I answered his question about the picture quality and gave him what is actually his cheapest option. You have more than 20,000 posts between you all but do you actually have much knowledge of laptops??
I dont really see anyone else giving him actual working advice, other than advice he doesn't want like getting a second rate picture.
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