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Default Re: Y'know what really grinds my gears thread

I had a similar mail delivery situation at my old house except it to this day is still a mystery what really happened. I ordered a case and some parts for my build and they arrived while I wasn't home and when I saw the case completely destroyed. I don't know if it was ups that messed it up or just one of the people who hated me saw what they thought was a new computer delivered to my house and thought it would be fine to just f^^k it all up. It almost looked as if someone took the box tipped it on its side and jumped on it several times. The b^^ch of it was it was part of a barebone kit so to return it I had to wait for the rest of the parts that were on back order to get here and then sent it all back and wait for a complete replacement.
I was tempted to go out and buy security cameras to monitor our front porch and driveway because it was messed up to the point that I don't think ups would have let happen. When I filed the damage claim with ups they were dead set on saying that everything arrived fine. this set my build back about a month. I was originally planning on having it done by june 2007 when I ordered everything but ended up being august and I had already taken my old rig completely apart to take the parts I wanted in the new computer so I had to completely reassemble the whole old computer.
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