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Default Paranormal USB Key?

Get this:

I have two Kingston keys. One 8GB and another that's 2GB.

The 8GB had problems, in which I couldn't open the key to access data, and the PC would freeze at any drive access, like Winamp or utilities.
I learned that with time an patience, and formatting the sucker, it now works fine.

What does not is the 2GB. It randomly quit on me. Dected fine, and does the same as the 8GB. Only difference is that the 8GB was actively reading, while the 2GB...reads a bit, then quits. will work fine with the Targus USB hub. There's no problems at all! I've got knowledge in PCs...but that...erm...odd? Any thoughts?

Oh and to add, my buddy bought a USB key from the sex shop, as a prank. It's a 512MB penis shaped key ( Will post pics if requested...) and with it's great design, the key won't work due to the rubber preventing a good connection. Well, what do you guess...24hrs later and it's dead.
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