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Default Re: Connecting 2 pc's with 2 Ethernet cards

2 pc LAN (host pc & the client pc)

The Host pc:
XP with Service pack 3
Linksys adapter for the At&t DSL internet
Nvidia adapter for the LAN
There is a yellow blinking light on the back of the Nividia card

Local Are Connection 2 Status:
General Tab/ Activity : Its showing sent packets but nothing received. And it is showing a pad lock.
Support Tab/ Internet Protocol: Address Type: Manually Configured
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

The Client pc:
XP on pretty much a fresh install with SP1.
D-Link adapter for the LAN

Local Area Connection Status:
General Tab/ Activity : Its showing sent and received. With no Pad lock.
Support Tab/Internet Protocol: Address Type: Automatic Private Address
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Internet does not work with this configureation!!
I’ll have to click the repair so my internet will work.
The above configuration is not current.
I’ll repost my god. I’ve already changed it twice.

Do I need static IP addresses for my LAN

I guess I just need to know what my IP addresses needs to be.

Additional Note’s:
I’ve connected the 2 pc’s using a cross over cable. There are no problems in either of the device managers. The status and speed of both are connected and 100 Mbps.

I don’t know if its something with the windows fire wall for sure. I don’t think it is though because when you set up printer and file sharing it says that windows fire will be configured to allow connections.

I called D-Link and they said from the way I described it that it sounded like a file sharing problem.

I’ve done this before but after checking my old files it looks like I was using different software. It looks like one pc was using Windows 98 and the other was using XP but I’m not totally sure on this.

Dear Valued Linksys Customer,
>> Thank you for contacting Linksys Customer Support.
>> To established network connection between two computers, you need to use a
> cross-over cable. Then you need to assign static ip address on each
> computer.
>> Windows 9x and ME:
>> Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network > Highlight the TCP/IP of
> the Wireless LAN card you're using > Properties
>>>>>Under IP Address TAB:
>> Specify an IP address:
>> Subnet Mask:
>>>>>Click the GATEWAY TAB:
>> Under New Gateway: Enter then click on Add.
>> Then Hit Ok All the way out. hit yes if it'll ask you to restart
>> Windows XP and 2000
>> Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Right Click Local Area
> Network Connection that you are using > Properties > Internet Protocol
> TCP/IP > Properties > Use the following IP address:
>> IP Address:
>> Subnet Mask:
>> Default Gateway:
>> Then Hit Ok All the way out.
When I do this the client pc allows traffic both ways but the host pc just allows incoming. This is the pc with XP SP3 on it. (the pad lock is still there)

I’ve tried doing this also: IP Address: (If you're doing multiple computers with static IP's, then the next computer would be .25, and next would be .30, etc)
- Subnet mask:
- Default gateway:
- Preferred DNS Server:
Results: When I do this the client pc allows traffic both ways but the host pc just allows incoming. And it interfers with my internet (page cannot be displayed)

I think this is becoming over whelming.

I just want to share internet, files and a printer.



Originally Posted by jmacavali View Post
You don't have a router? That would be the easiest way...

Also, maybe updated to SP2 or SP3 and see if that helps. Could be something with that?
I've never used a router to do this before. But maybe it would make it easier. And I don't have the same set-up that I had before either.

Yeah but if I updated to SP3 that old pc might not work at all. But you might be right.

it looks as though there is a way to do it. I called AT&T and they said they could help me with it for a cost.
Thats what I've been trying to avoid the whole time. If I would have known from the begining that I wasn't going to be able to figure this out on my own I would have never even tried.
Isn't that something my ISP wants to charge me for tech support.
Maybe I could have figured this out if I would have bought a router.
But I don't fill like getting in any deeper.
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